I adopted the nickname “Vernon” in my early childhood. It was a name only ever used by my family. Really, it was only ever used in those inexpressible, joyous moments that my family shared together… like when my older sister would call my stage name for our ~all too common~ vocal performances or when my parents would catch me doing arts and crafts far past my bedtime. Then, they’d sit me down and say, “Okay Vernon, tell me all about this beautiful thing you're making.”

When I started learning web development, creativity began to flow from within me in a way that it hadn’t in a really long time. I realized just how much I missed channeling this skill set that my family fostered in me from a young age.

Usually, coding resonates with left-brained folks, while design appeals to the right-brained people out there. As I’m sure you’ve either read or experienced first-hand, people tend to have one kind of brain or the other. As for me, I felt like I had finally found my niche. Using code to design websites allows my adult self to channel my creative and imaginative inner child, Vernon.

When it came time to name my business, it only felt right to pay homage to the little girl that I'm getting to know all over again. When it comes down to it, starting this business has been all about learning to trust an older version of myself: my big ideas, the little voices in my head, and most importantly… my heart.